Why are you giving away your tracks for free?

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

Is that it?

If you really want to know I don't actually sell that many records anymore... but look, don’t tell anyone...


Well I guess at best I shift around 700 vinyl and a few hundred downloads. Which is all good of course. But it's a big old effort to get a release out... you have to be really quite organised and together.

Doesn't the record company deal with all that boring stuff?

It would do.... if I had a record deal.


Anyways my point is, I thought why not bypass all the traditional record company crap and just make the tracks available for free .. bang... done. To me that's exciting. Whereas spending loads of time and effort persuading the world to buy my stuff when they can probably get it for free or are not sure if they actually like it that much... isn't.

What about the cash?

Don't get me wrong I'm all for me making money out of my music. But as I say, i'm not exactly churning out platinum hit singles here. I'm thinking its more likely I'll make my money a) from possibly licensing the tracks to compilations b) PRS royalties from radio play etc c) maybe getting the tracks used in film and TV d) gig, remix and production work encouraged by generally raising my profile. All of which is more likely to happen the more people that get to hear and hopefully enjoy my music.

So it’s all just a cunning capitalist plan to make more money then?

Well not entirely, I also feel that music is all about communication at the end of the day, not about making money. So the best possible outcome for me as an artist is that as many people as possible hear my music. The internet is the ultimate tool to get music heard by as many people as possible without having to play the record company game and that’s probably why major labels along with the BPI, RIAA etc are obsessed with trying to scare us about what an evil thing music piracy is ..it’s also because they are not artists, they are industries trying to sell product in an increasingly tough market place.

So it’s also an artistic statement on the socio-economic state of music in our society.







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