kind words from our friends in the music press

"It's quite literally done my head in, and I'm loving eet!" ANDREZ, CYBERDADA PROGRAM , 106.7 PBS-FM , MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA.

"It's amusing, colourful, overstated and completely unhinged." DOT MUSIC

"Something to please everyone and something to offend everyone" OVERLOAD

"As freaky as you'd imagine, and the worst part is - it's really good. Be afraid" THE FACE

"its a mad, bad and a great easy listening tool comp." DJ MORPHEUS

"its the bomb, and its made me go mental." ANNIE NIGHTINGALE, BBC RADIO 1FM

"Rant, Rave etc...." ANDY WEATHERALL

"achieves a delicate balance between whimsical humour, aural satire, sonic irritation and full-on dancefloor (satisf)action." PRESS RELEASE

"It's hard not to have a kind of respect for such fearsome stupidity." NME

"One of the most unusual and inventive compilations you will hear this year" THE TIMES

"Assembled with all the ruthless intelligence, painstaking love and malevolent intensity of a Chris Morris TV series. Essential listening." UNCUT

"Like Autechre remixed by The Goons...Totally insane genius." MUZIK

"I strongly suggest you purchase this and startle your friends. Hey, you can even dance to some of it" WAX

"stocked with unknown oddballs who help CDOC deliver exactly what it promises: a complete brutalization of notions of hipness" URB