shout out to the worldwide noodleers

the noodles foundation presents:

Zygmunt Janowski is the founder of the Noodles Foundation and recorded a series of acclaimed Hammond organ albums in the 70s.
Si Begg does many things under many names including S.I.Futures, Buckfunk 3000 and Cabbage Boy. He's probably in your record collection somewhere. He is also head of A&R at Noodles Recordings.
Sand are currently signed to Satellite records with a debut album called 'Beautiful People Are Evil' and more since
Robin Mahoney. One of the directors of the 1994 film 'Glastonbury: the Movie' and part of the Ho-FuN digital video collective. As well as composing his own brand of drunken urban four-track folk he has worked numerous TV promotions and edited Channel 4's experimental series 'The Trip'.
The Buttmasters are people you don't want to know.
Deep Burial is a project from Dublin, part of the Ultramack stable.
Michael Forshaw is an artist from Blackpool who has also appeared on Penalty and Magic Trax, he has his own label (Mike And Chan's records) and all his tracks are recorded on a f.ucking Wurlitzer.
Cabbage Head are elusive multimedia artists who have been in operation for over ten years.
Cursor Miner is a new block on the kid who also records for Lo Recordings. visit his site at cursorminer.com
Van Der Hoog's Country Curative were a project featuring the talents of Tim Ellis from the seminal Jackdaw With Crowbar.
Steve Dixon was the man behind Drug Free America, pre-trance racketeers of the highest order. He has released a new solo album, Cage Without A Pet.
Barry Pseudonym is Hardy, founder of Spymania records who first inflicted us with the likes of Squarepusher and Jamie Lidell's solo album.
Jamie Lidell is half of Super_Collider, now releasing solo material on Warp.
Dr Kosmos is Sweden's finest cabaret artiste and has collaborated with the likes of Beige as well as having his own CD out on North Of No South.
Anal Parade records in Nottingham. His Beeston Style contemporaries include Dogslag, 8-bit God, Yeast/Metayeast and Pastry Boy.
Dr Dobrovolski is from Sheffield. He has a CD on Bubblegunner recordings called It Can't Be Bad If It Feels Good. Other gems include 'Dwarf Power', 'Deep Doo Doo', 'Chuff Nut' and 'Cowpoke'.
Mou Ars On are in fact Mouse On Mars under another name because they're cheeky monkeys. They're also Cologne's top drawer electronic favourites who we're sure you all know and love.
The Hibiscus Geronimo III Players are an experimental vocal ensemble from Ruislip.
Navario Sauro records on Neil Landstrumm's Scandinavia label.
Neil Landstrumm was the king of New York. He has also infected MTV kids with his multimedia experiments.
Cristian Vogel Warwickshire just hasn't been the same since this inimitable master of teethgrinding techno took off for global DJdom via Brighton then Barcelona.
Volsoc are from the United States of America and they rock big style.
Andy Page Oz breaks don
Spewis top Midlands based sound designer, good for weddings and christenings
Rep 308 sales rep or replicant? This crewman is a cybersurfer of the highest order. You'll have met his work on the web even though you wouldn't know it.
Photon Wallet strange things can happen when you live in Texas.
Culture Cruncher a reclusive bootmaker from Stourbridge
ph Australian noodleer keeping it up down under
Kid Whatever another digital United States of American
Osymyso XFM's favourite cut-up maestro - check out his Welcome to the Pallindrome album!
Correctional Facilities pseudonym for the wonderful Dave Tipper
Ryo Co unusual London based Japanese bleepers
Cheapo Card Company Wil Walker, comedian, copyrighter, poet and general loon.
Ukaiseiji + MC Gebo part of the most excellent Soondie crew from Osaka , Japan
Vincent Radar pseudonym for shitkatapult boss and Berlin badboy Marco Haas AKA t.raumschmiere
[The User] two nice chaps from Canada who created an orchestra out of dot matrix printers.
Mad Nomad Brizzle nutjob band that wear pig masks at gigs, go see.
T-Power D+B pioneer and general audio scientist of the highest calibre
Lenny 'Stylus' Logan 1970s underground disco jockey from LA who oversees production, combs hair and checks for dandruff on the Noodles Discotheque series
Little Nobody straight outa Melbourne
Beam Up another Oz noodleer from Australia
Tanzmuzik Tokyo's electronic funkateers on sublime recs feat. the wonderful Okihide
Super Awesome Electro Friends Forever! top team put together by soc of volsoc fame
Frankie Bones NYCs godfather of techno
Peroxide Mocha oh those pesky kids...
Bass Kittens & Single Cell Orchestra west coast uber-producer
Volum of volsoc fame..


Leaf Records - The co-conspirators behind Noodles Death of Cool part 2 and much more besides

Skam.com - Music webvideo magazine from the State51 Conspiracy, in full swing for the stunning Noodles launch party. Check issue 30 for their coverage of the event and interview with The Beggster plus features on Mouse on Mars, Max Tundra and Pilote plus much more..!

State51.co.uk - Excellent web music services and top-notch cyberstuff since 1994

Mouse On Mars - Crazy website from the crazy guys from Cologne (or Koln). Check out the online organic musical pod toy. Endearingly strange.

No Future - Home of Jamie Lidell, Cristian Vogel and Super_Collider. Plus latest from Mosquito Records, Vogel and Begg's floor-shattering techno label, plus superb message board service.

Scandinavia Records - Neil Landstrumm's multimedia label. Gnarly beat feasts and video paranoia from Scotland via New York.

Spymania Records - Decisive blows in the battle of noise over sense. Sensible site with music, pictures and words.

Peroxide Mocha - sounds, pics, comics from the noodleering waffle fetishists.

Code404 - one half od Volsoc - home to synth archives and much swish stuff.

J Bondy - one half of Volsoc.

Frankie Bones NYC's godfather of techno

Bass Kittens - West coast uber-producer.

Bass Kittens - West coast uber-producer.

Cursor-Miner - Homepage from the ever dapper code charmer.

Kid Whatever - Homepage for top Texan noodleer.

Cheapo Card Company - Homepage for general loon Wil Walker.

Under 5's - The Skint Records subsiduary responsible for releasing Si Begg's Network Southeast 12 inchers, the Big Beat Boutique and other large ones

Cabbage Head Collective - multimedia music and art collective responsible for mad music and visuals since 1989. Check out the Ho-FuN video to Commercial Suicide from the Death of COol!

Sand - Electromentalvoodoojazz. Real people playing real music on real instruments.

Hofun.org.uk - Website for Noodles Foundation associated video outfitters. Responsible for 'the world's smallest film festival' as featured on the free limited edition Noodles CD-ROM, video projections at Si Begg and S.I.Futures live and DJ shows and a video demix of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant's Charade shown on late night UK TV and at London's Institute of Contemporary Art. Have you seen their moving pictures in some gloomy nightclub venue?

Ryo Co - Neon experience from digital UK/Japan/France triangulation as featured on Noodles Discotheque 2.

Language - The label responsible for Si Begg as Buckfunk 3000 with his killer debut album 'First Class Ticket To Telos'. Site includes audio and treats.

Negativland - No direct link to Noodles but these godfathers of appropriation whose records, radio shows and large scale media pranks remain some of the finest mutations of modern culture to have been produced in the twentieth century, are a founding inspiration. Be sure to check out this ever-expanding site.

Glastonbury The Movie The name says it all..... It was made by the very special Mr. Bobin Mahoney and is possibly the most accurate media-encapsulation of this inimitable event...even more so on the new DVD.

The Miniscule of Sound The name says it all.....The smallest nightclub in the world (as recognised by the Guinness Book of Records). Squatney Hackers. Superb site.

Channel 4's 4-laterA late night eternity in front of the telly with the surreal amid the smut. Surf through the site to find the show 'The Trip', series two of which was composed by Ho-FuNster Mr. Robin Mahoney with total a/v sync in pure digital video stylee. Blurb and screensaver. What's on telly? What's on the net?

Futurefunk.net underground DJ site straight outta Brooklyn, now Noodles Foundation partners for maverick online fun(k).

Caipirinha - American label that released 'Commuterworld', Si Begg's wistful audio homage to suburbia.

Ninja Tune - the peerless London label whose roster of artists reads like a who's who of hip. Check out the webcast archive of Solid Steel shows, MP3's and stuff on subsidiary labels Big Dada and N-Tone the label that released Si Begg's 'Genetically Modified' album as Cabbageboy.

other stuff for noodles fans to plug into

Sonar Festival Barcelona
Vinyllium - domestic vinyl cutter!!
Desktop Theramin! - downloadable PC / Mac emulator of the groundbreaking cosmic instrument. Every home should have one!
micro-music - (for micro people)
Soundamerica.com - millions of wavs, good stuff
Underground Resistance - Keep it underground
s3000x1 The Akai sampler site
TV Go Home TV listings but not as we know them
The Onion The great American spoof newspaper and local what's on guide given away free in local stores and those funny sidewalk newspods.
Eerie - top label, top stuff, top site.
www.themez.co.uk tv and movie theme archive
www.engrish.com - products from Japan with very bad English on the packaging ('we like considerably our cool generation as it has happened now' and things like that)
www.metamute.com Online version of the off-beat art/tech/culture magazine. Big up to them.
www.showandtellmusic.com Fantastic archive of thrift shop music cover art and mp3. Hooray!


related websites:
www.sibegg.com FUTUREFUNK.NET Brooklyn and London DJ